Blog: Innovation and digestion

July 16th, 2019

It really doesn’t make a difference – whether we are McDonalds fans, completely devoted to mom’s cooking or avid consumers of healthy salads – our organisms will always transform the food we eat into something our bodies can assimilate. Innovation, in any field, is much like the digestion process – it is reached when a result of demonstrable valueis obtained, a result whose initial point of development is the state of the art.

Wanting to innovate without knowing about what already exists is like trying to nourish yourself when there is no food available. It is important to have a deep understanding of the context of development, technologies that may be applied, related functions, the competition, predominant trends and, in general, any other aspects that may serve to support the process.

We start out with the appropriate raw materials and then we need to be able to add a system that can efficiently develop the synthesis.  This is when analytical tools become our closest allies, helping us reach precise conclusions – nutrients – to be added to our design process. It is through this analysis of aesthetics, functionality and ergonomics that we become familiar with the very essence of the product, it’s strengths and weaknesses, strategies used for problem solvingand any other information that may ensure our progress towards innovation.

No level of nutrition during the development phase can guarantee success, it can only foster it. It is up to us – based on our capacity, experience and motivation – to create a product, service or process that provides the consumer with a significant level of improvement that surpasses the competition and sets the bar for future generations.

About David

My name is David De Faria. I am an industrial design engineer, specialized in medical device engineering. I have over eleven years of experience in project management, R&D, manufacturing and working with global supply chains. Foreign Trade Promoter for PROCOMER, in the fields of Medical Devices, Aerospace, Advanced manufacturing and Packaging.