Our country has accumulated vast experience in exports over the last 135 years. In the past, Costa Rica was known as a banana and coffee producer but now, the country has diversified its export products to include a variety of fresh products and exotic and trendy crops like aloe vera, mangosteen, rambutan and others. Our products are distilled from the very core of our essence, made with excellence, innovation, and a passion for sustainability. Costa Rica produces quality fresh fruits, vegetables, roots and tubers all year round; exporting more than 323 different agricultural goods to over 111 very demanding international markets. Most of the companies and their products have been certified under renown international standards such as Global GAP, Neutral Carbon, Rainforest Alliance, HACCP and others. In addition, the country has developed even more in the value chain with organic farming, production in controlled environments, fair trade and biotechnology applied to agriculture.

Costa Rica is a small country that accounts for only 0.03% of the surface of the Earth. However, as host to 5% of the planets biodiversity, it is considered one of the largest countries in the world thanks to its biodiversity per square mile. Our flora is so magnificent that over 11,000 species of plants are reported on our inventory, exported primarily to the US and Europe. The variety of plants is quite extensive, the ones that stand the most are dracaenas, fichus, crotons and bromeliads. Some of the most noteworthy flowers include heliconias, anthurium, ginger flower, bird of Paradise, orchids, lilies and others.